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 ******************************PLEASE READ*******************************************************

Thank you for considering Kelli Willoughby Photography to be your family’s Newborn photographer. We truly consider it an honor to spend a small piece of time with you.

Our Portrait Packages include the finest printed products and full resolution digital files. 

We know that a lot goes into a session on your end. Trust the consistency of our product you see, and know that you’ll be receiving the same loving attention to create something special.

Please keep in mind that my address is a Nichols address, but I am NOT in Nichols. I am actually about 20 minutes from Nichols. I am closer to Loris than Nichols.

As a reference I am about 15 minutes from Loris, 10 minutes from Aynor, 20 minutes from Mullins/Marion, 20 minutes from Conway, 45 min from Florence and about 45 minutes to an 1 hour from the beach. 156 Worley Lane Nichols, SC 29581 


 *How we schedule your session-

Since we don’t know when your little one will actually arrive, what I do is pencil you in for your due date. This saves you a spot on my calendar. Once you deliver, I just need you to contact me within 24 hours of birth by email to let me know that your little one has arrived (the sooner I know the better). I will then send you some dates to choose from for your session when your newborn is between 6 and 9 days old (but can be up to 14 days old). We schedule our newborn sessions Monday – Friday. NO WEEKENDS for newborn sessions.


*How to book your DUE DATE:

Since we don't know when your little one will actually arrive, what I do is pencil you in for the WEEK of your due date and this saves you a spot on my calendar. If your little one arrives early or late, it's okay.... you are simply saving yourself a spot on my calendar for a newborn session, no matter when your little one arrives. I only accept a certain number of due dates a week to ensure I will have enough room for everyone who is pre-scheduled!



  • On the calendar, choose the MONDAY that corresponds with the week of your due date and choose ANY TIME SLOT AVAILABLE (ex: your due date is a SUN... please pick the following MONDAY; your due date is a SAT... please pick the MONDAY before).

  • The TIME SLOT you pick has nothing to do with actually scheduling your newborn session, you are simply reserving your due date week with me.

  • Please only book the week of your due date. We only accept a set number of prescheduled due dates in order to guarantee our availability.

  • By booking your due date with me ahead of time, you are reserving a spot on my calendar. Please DO NOT book this option if your baby has already been born. Contact the studio directly to check our availability. 843-421-0965




Please feel free to contact me with any questions. 843-421-0965


*What do you need to bring to your session?

That’s an easy question to answer… nothing (besides the basics for baby… diapers, wipes, paci (even if you do not plan to use one) ,etc.).

 The studio is completely stocked with all the props, headbands, blankets, and hats you could ever dream of, so the only thing you have to do is show up with your little one ready to capture this important time! You’ll get to sit back and relax during the session and enjoy watching your baby being photographed! Please no personal cameras or cell phone cameras in the studio. Sit back and relax.


When is the best time to book a session? 

The best time to schedule your session is during your 1st and 2nd trimester. This will save a spot on my calendar and once your little one arrives we will schedule a session when he or she is 6-18 days old (10-30 days old if you book a Lifestyle Session). Keep in mind that my calendar fills quick. Please book ahead of time to make sure you have a spot.


Collection One


This collection is perfect for parents who would just like images of their newborn.You will receive 15 edited digital files with a print release. 

This session will be a mixture of fabric poses, flokati set-ups and buckets/prop poses.

$500 | $50 deposit at time of booking (goes toward session)

-Baby must be less than 17 days old.






0N2A3418 copy.png
DSC_6604 copy.png
0N2A0994 copy.png

Collection Two 

-A mixture of fabric poses, bucket/prop pose and flokati poses.

-Parent and/or Sibling photos with baby.

-20 digital edited images with an online  downloadable gallery and a print release.


-Add hair and makeup for mom for $175. (please email me to let me know that you want this option)

-Baby must be less than 20 days old.









Lifestyle Newborn

This collection is NOT a posed session like collection one and two.This session is a great way to document the entire family with the baby or just siblings with the new baby. This is also a great session if you missed the time frame for a newborn session. 

-Family based-poses of baby in white or cream wrap as a family, with parents, each parent alone and siblings.

-10 digital edited files of your choice

- For newborns up to four weeks old.

-Does NOT include baby alone.

20-30 minute session 



Untitled-1 copy.png

Newborn Mini Session Option 1

A 45 minute session with 5 digital edited photos of your choice.

Baby only. Wrapped poses(baby will be completely wrapped for the entire session

. No outside props or clothing. 

A perfect way to get just a few wonderful images of your sweet new baby.


0N2A0220-Edit copy.png
0N2A4434 copy.png
0N2A3418 copy.png

Newborn Mini Session Option 2 with Sibling

A great way to document your new bundle of joy and get some beautiful pictures for your nursery walls!

A 20-30 minute session with 5 digital edited photos of your choice (awake or asleep).

Baby and sibling. Wrapped poses ONLY (no bucket or prop shots). No outside props or clothing. 

A perfect way to get a few wonderful images of your sweet new baby with their siblingBaby will be wrapped in one color and sibling will kiss baby on the head, hold baby or lay with baby. If you are looking for baby alone and different prop shots and baby not wrapped-  Collection one or two is a better option.


Travel Newborn Session 

I will come out to your home to do the session (up to two hours away) This is great for moms that don't feel like traveling and/or have small siblings.

I will bring all props and lights and set my studio up in your home.

20 digital edited images of your choice.


DSC_6604 copy.png
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